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Simple Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities For Teaching Math

Simple Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities For Teaching Math

Try these simple hole punch fine motor activities for teaching number recognition. Seriously simple but perfect for learning math!

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities

These hole punch fine motor activities are great for helping young children develop the smaller muscles found in the hands, fingers and wrists. This simple activity is great for teaching number recognition and involves paint chip cards from the DIY store and a hand held hole punch. Kids practice matching numbers to quantity by simply punching out the correct number of holes on each number card. So Simple!

Young Kids will love our creative, open-ended, hole punch fine motor activities as a math rotation task to help them practice early numeracy skills, including,  number recognition, counting and matching numbers to quantity. You can even adapt it for arrays, multiplication and addition!


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Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities

Matching Number & Quantity

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Adding & punching numbers
Fine Motor Hole Punch Kit
Numbers and letters sorting coloured Rice Bin

Benefits Of Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities are very important in the Foundation Years classroom they help kindergarten and preschoolers to build the strength needed for future tasks including; writing, holding small items, buttoning  clothing, turning pages, eating, cutting with scissors, and using computer keyboards. You can read more about the importance of Fine Motor activities in this Article.

It is important to plan enjoyable and meaningful fine motor activities, especially for those children who experience difficulties in this area and who do not enjoy traditional drawing, art and craft or playdough experiences. Your kids will love being able to manipulate this hand held hole punch, rather than using usual counters, they won’t even realise they are exercising their hand muscles, let alone learning about numbers!


Hole Punch Number Recognition Activities for kids


Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity Equipment


Hole Punch & Paint Chip Activities

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities –  Game 1

Punch the right number of holes to match the digit.


  • Write the numbers  0-10 onto the paint chips or the numbers you want your children to focus on. Different children may need to practice particular numbers.
  • Put the cards in order  from 0-10. Take one card at a time from the pile and punch the matching number of holes (Quantity ) to the digit shown on the paint chip. Continue until all the cards are punched. This will help with one-to-one correspondence as well as matching digits and quantity.
  • To make the game more difficult shuffle the cards to complete the number sequence out of order! This truely test if the child is just chanting the number sequence or is able to identify numbers in a range of different representations. Once all the numbers have been punched organise the numbers from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.
  • For further extension, remove some of the cards from the pile and shuffle. Once the child has punched the matching quantity to each digit they organise the numbers smallest to largest and have to work our which numbers are missing. They create the missing cards themselves.

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity  Game 2

Hole Punch fine motor & Dice Game

  • In this version of the activity the child rolls either a dot or number dice to generate the quantity to be punched with the hole punch. They also write the digit or number word onto the card.
  • Finally they can organise the cards in ascending or descending order. A great introduction to early algebra!

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity  Game 3

fine motor hole punch matching to magnetic numbers

  • For this version of the game the student can roll the dice as above and match a number tile to the number of holes punched out. If you don’t have a dice handy just pick a number tile out and use that to determine how many holes to punch. Again the focus is connecting numerals, to quantity.


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I Spy Number Recognition Games
Roll, Dot & Write Number Facts To 30 Game
Number Recognition Bundle
Number Think Board

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity  Game 4

Hole punch fine motor & matching numbers activity

  • This version of the game is perfect for pairs of students. Students take turns to punch a card the other student matches the number tile to the quantity and orders the cards highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

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Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity  Game 5

hole punch fine motor addition activity

  • In this variation students practice early addition. the student rolls two dice and writes down the addition number sentence. They use the hole punch to work out the solution

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity  Game 6

fine motor hole punch and arrays


Try Our Number Recognition Activities


I Spy Number Recognition Games
Roll, Dot & Write Number Facts To 30 Game
Number Recognition Bundle
0-10 Hole Punch Cards
Download MORE of our teaching numeracy activities and free number recognition printables here…


6 Hole Punch Number Recognition Activity Ideas

Rainbow Math Game – FREEBIE!

Check out this fun math game, perfect for subitising, and counting… and it’s FREE! Read More Here…

FREE Roll & Punch Fine Motor Hole Punch Counting

Number Recognition 0-10 Hole Punch Cards

These numbers o-10 hole punch activities are engaging fine motor activities activities for recognising numbers, digits and quantities. Use this pack, numbers 0-10 hole punch activities,  to help your students match quantities as, tens frames, tallies, digits, words and counting on fingers for the numbers 0-10 . The use of a hand held hole punch will also help your kids develop the smaller muscles found in the hands, fingers and wrists. Read More Here & Grab A FREEBIE!


Hole Punch Number Recognition Activity Pack


Number Recognition

More…Teaching Number Recognition Activities

Robot Colouring Math Game

Number Recognition Colouring Math Game

Think board template

Think Board Templates



Share your latest hole punch activities in the comments below!

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