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Our Number Recognition Activity Packs are just what your Kindergarten & Preschooler needs for learning numbers 0-20. Perfect for math rotations, sensory bins and play trays!

Learning numbers isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds. In fact Kindergarten and Preschoolers need as many opportunities to practice number recognition as you can muster.

THere’s so many elements to learn including:

  • Digits
  • Numbers as words
  • Quantity
  • Counting Principles

and there’s so many different ways to represent numbers 0-20 including:

  • Tallies
  • Base 10 materials
  • Ten Frames
  • Arrays
  • Subitizing Dots
  • Fingers
  • Popsticks

and more!

So here’s some of our Number Recognition Activity math packs that will give your kids the opportunity to build number sense and fluency. Please read each product description to see whats included as content vary.

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Construction Site Number Recognition Activity Pack

1 Secured Print Only PDF Digital Download 0-20 Playdough / Tracing mats & Rocks – These are excellent for:

  • tracing the digits 0-20,
  • tracing number words 0-20
  • making a collection or quantity – make playdough rocks or use lego bricks to add to the trucks to match the focus number
  • making the quantity using a ten frame learning tool
  • count the rocks – practice the 5 counting principles to count how many rocks are needed on each mat. Students need to build strategies to make sure:
    • each rock must be included (touched) exactly once as the numbers are said. Numbers cannot be said until a rock is touched
    • each number must be said once and in the correct order
    • the rocks can be touched in any order, and the counting starting point does not change how many there are
    • the arrangement of the rocks does not affect how many there are. This includes hiding some rocks
    • the last number said tells us ‘how many’ in the whole collection. It does not describe the last rock touched

Includes 66 pages:

  • 21 numbers as words mats 0-20 for playdough moulding
  • 21 numbers as words & digits 0-20 for tracing/writing
  • 11 counting on fingers matching rock cards 0-10
  • 11 base 10 material matching rock cards 10-20
  • 20 tally matching rock cards 1-20
  • 21 numbers as words matching rock cards 0-20
  • 38 subitizing dots rock matching cards 1-20
  • 21 ten frames rock matching cards 0-20
  • 20 popstick bundles rock matching cards 1-20
  • 21 numbers as digits rock matching cards 0-20
  • 21 domino rock matching cards 0-20
  • 20 unifix cube rock matching cards 1-20
  • 21 numbers as digits on construction cones 0-20

*(no copy, paste, extracting or customizing of the information in this pack). Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader DC (FREE) to Open & Print this document correctly. It will not print correctly if you open it in your browser.


Numbers 0-10 Sorting Mats

1 Secured Print Only Set for number recognition 0-10 – 20 pages

There are 2 activities in this set for your student:

  1. Use the number representation cards in a sensory bin and get the students to sort using the sorting mats
  2. 2.Individual Student Sheets.Students cut, sort and stick the numbers onto their worksheet

STEM Number Recognition Pack 0-20

Perfect for Lego block mad kids to learn to recognise numbers 0-20. This pack also has the added bonus of building knowledge of colours and counting to 20.


Playdough Number Mats

Bright and Fun Playdough mats for number formation and identification. If your kids love using playdough then these mats are a MUST! Theres 2 sets of numbers 0-20, one with tens frames for counting too.

Counting on Fingers Number Recognition Activity Pack 0-10

This Teaching Teaching Number Recognition Activities 0-10 Bundle contains a whopping 140 Pages!

4 Separate Packs in 1 all for $10.99! – Also Available Separately $4.99 each here

PDF 1- Counting Fingers Classroom Posters /Play dough Mats

Counting on fingers posters

Pack 1 contains 6 separate PDF Files – (secured PDF, no copy, paste, extracting or changing, customising of information)


  • A4 & B5  sized Counting on Fingers Images 0-10 – These are great for using with play dough, tracing around with whiteboard markers, for one-to-one correspondence with counters
  • A4 & B5 Counting on Fingers Images 0-10 with Materials, Numbers & Words – These are great for classroom posters or math rotation mats. Pop them in a reusable sleeve and they are great for tracing.
  • Light & Dark Skin Toned Versions

PDF 2: Concentration Matching Cards o-10 

Number matching fingers & tens frames game


  • Stars in arrays 0-10
  • Counting on Fingers Light Toned 0-10
  • Counting on Fingers Dark Toned 0-10
  • Tens Frames – Non Standard
  • Tens Frames – Standard
  • Digits 0-10
  • Number words 0-10
  • Tallies 0-10

PDF 3 Clip-it Peg Cards o-10 

Clip Cards 0-10 Game


  • Counting Hands Clip Cards 0-10 – Light Toned – 2 Versions
  • Counting Hands Clip Cards 0-10- Dark Toned – 1 version

PDF 4 Trace it, Make it & Tally it! o-10 

Teaching Number Recognition Activities 0-10 Trace, Ten frames & Tally Game


  • Trace it, Make it & Tally it 0-10 A – B5 Light & Dark Toned Fingers
  • Trace it, Make it & Tally it 0-10 – A4 Light & Dark Toned Fingers

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Construction Number Recognition Activity Pack 0-20, STEM Building Block Mats, Playdough Number Mats, Number Sorting 0-10, Ultimate Number Recognition Pack 0-20


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