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Free STEM Easter Maths Printable

Our Free STEM Easter Maths Printable is perfect for an afternoon of engaging maths and engineering FUN! Hands-on STEM guaranteed to help kids learn about sides, edges, corners and vertices of 2D shapes.



This jelly bean 2D shapes project is a super easy STEM activity or challenge! Your kids will love getting hands-on, as well as the challenge of building these 2D shapes using jellybeans, or playdough and toothpicks.

To give your learners a helping hand we created a set of Free STEM Easter Maths Printable task cards to go with this EGG-citing Easter Activity.  Scroll to the end of the post to grab it!


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Easter Maths Activities For Kids

It can be tricky to find Easter activities that are actually educational and that are not just bunnies, eggs, and chick themed worksheets! Don’t you agree?

So we think that our Easter Jellybean STEM task cards are just perfect for your classroom if you want to include some hands-on learning about 2D shapes in the run-up to Easter!

Learning about two dimensional, or 2D shapes, isn’t just about naming circles, squares, and rectangles. There’s a lot of learning to be done including:

  • Building language and vocabulary of 2-dimensional shapes including names of shapes and describing attributes: edges, sides, corners, vertices, faces
  • Sorting, describing and naming familiar 2D shapes
  • Recognising and classifying familiar 2D shapes using obvious features
  • Describe & draw 2D shapes
  • Make models of 2D shapes and describe key features
  • Compare the size (area) of 2D shapes
  • Connect 3D objects with their nets & 2D shapes
  • Construct simple prisms and pyramids



Whoa! who knew that 2D shapes included so much knowledge and understanding! So grab some jellybeans and toothpicks or playdough, if you prefer, and our  2D Shapes STEM task cards and get started!

Getting Started

Before you set up the activity you might want to take some time to test out the materials you’re going to use for this STEM activity. Over the years my kiddos have made 2D and 3D models of shapes using many different materials, from marshmallows and frozen peas to blue tac, jelly beans and playdough!



I really love the Jellybeans and toothpicks version because the jellybeans are dense and sticky enough to stop the models from collapsing, but I guess it depends on the brand of jellybeans you use and if your school allows food to be used in the classroom.

Before you run this activity with your students do a little research and substitute the jellybeans with the material that works best for you!





You will need:

  • Toothpicks
  • Jelly Beans or Playdough
  • Free Task Cards Printable (at the end of the post)


How To Use STEM Maths Printables

Start by printing and laminating the Free STEM Easter Maths Printables. Next pop enough jellybeans (or playdough) and toothpicks for each student onto a paper plate.

I like to encourage the students to explore the materials first and have a play before getting them to complete the task cards.

Once they are confident at using the materials to build I introduce the task cards.

FREE STEM Easter Maths Task Cards

When you download your Free task cards you will find  2 versions that will help you differentiate the activity for your students. It is a full-colour pack with 2 task cards per A4 page.

Version one includes:

  • 7 colour cards (half A4 sized)
  • 2D Shape name
  • Image of the shape made using playdough and stick

This set helps students to connect the shape with the number of sides and corners. Perfect for introducing early learners to 2d shapes and designed for them to copy.



Version two includes:

    • 7 colour cards (half A4 size)
    • List of materials to create a shape e.g.
      • 4 playdough balls
      • 4 toothpicks

Designed to open-ended and encourage independent learning!

How To Use Free STEM Easter Maths Printable In A Play Tray

We’re all about making learning as fun and engaging as we can for our students, that’s why we love adding our resources into a Play Tray!

Many people use play trays with toddlers and preschoolers, but why should they have all the fun! Play trays are a super-easy way of whipping up some excitement about learning, just like beautiful packaging adds to the enjoyment of something new!


Using a play tray with our STEM printable adds a sensory element, as well as visually enhancing learning about 2D Shapes. Who could resist being interested and ready to learn about shapes if presented with such a feast for the eyes!  (Not me, that’s for sure!)

So I use play trays for all ages of students as a way to invite, engage, and ignite the natural wonder and curiosity of children to learn through play, I hope you will use a play tray too!

I created the Easter STEM 2D Shapes Task Cards Play Tray really quickly by adding Easter novelties to a medium-sized tray.

For this Easter STEM resource I added:

  • nest coloured shredded paper
  • plastic eggs filled with playdough balls, or  jellybeans if you’re using them
  • fluffy chicks & bunnies
  • the 2D shapes Easter STEM task cards

and Voila, an Easter play tray that will enhance children’s learning and keep them engaged for hours!



Now to get your FREEBIE – Click the image below to Get the FREE Easter STEM Task Cards


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Hands-on Easter Maths Printables

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