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You need to download Adobe Reader DC onto your computer/laptop & open the product using this program

To add & save your class list into editable products you need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader DC downloaded onto your computer or laptop. If you don’t use this software to edit the product it will not work correctly!

If you have opened your document and tried to type into it and you can’t, or if you cannot see your changes when you reopen your document it means you are using your browser preview to open & work in your product and not ADOBE READER DC. You need to save your document onto your computer and then reopen it using ADOBE READER DC…. Scroll down to read how to do this.

Get your FREE download here. 

I have Adobe Reader DC on my computer but my product still doesn’t work.

To enable the form fillable, & save functions of editable products you need to make sure you OPEN the product using Adobe Reader DC.

Many computers will open PDF files in your Web Browser or in a Preview mode automatically. This means that you will be able to see the product but you will not be able to use the product properly.  Sometimes you may be able to start putting some information in but it may stop abruptly, or it won’t save the information. Again this is because the product has not been opened with Adobe Reader DC.

To make sure you are opening the folder with Adobe Reader DC and not another version of Adobe you will need to right click your mouse over your product and select OPEN with>>>> Adobe Reader.

We sell Editable & Non-Editable Products to meet all our customers requirements.

We sell BOTH Editable & NON-Editable products. Please check that you purchased an editable product by referring to the product description page. If you want to add your class to a document you need to purchase an EDITABLE Product.

You can find out what you can and cannot edit by reading product descriptions. Find this information by searching for your product and clicking the product image, this will open up the product information page including product description.



Over several years the A Plus Brand has grown considerably and now consists of 3 separate websites.
  • www.APlusTeachingResources.com.au
  • www.APlusTeacherClub.com.au
  • www.TeachersPayTeachers.com/Store/A-Plus-Teaching-Resources
In 2014 we initially started out with a store on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and then expanded to selling our teaching printables on our own Australian website, where our customers could pay in AU$ www.APlusTeachingResources.com.au
Today A Plus Teaching Resources is a free website that hosts paid advertisements, has a shop in AU$, and offers FREE resources and teaching advice to subscribers. It has a very large following from all over the world!
After receiving 1000’s of requests for a, low cost, membership site, with easy access to everything, we finally opened a second website in 2019 www.APlusTeacherClub.com.au
This is the website you’re on now, and where we store our printables for our paid VIP members. Best of all it’s an AD FREE website!
Having 2 separate websites may be a little confusing at first. But it is the easiest and most convenient way for VIP’s to get quick access to 1000’s of pages of resources.
Just make sure you’re logging into the correct website!  (HINT the VIP paid site is AD free!)

All our products are Editable PDF. We do not sell word documents.

To protect the copyright of our products all our resources are secured PDF. You will not be able to extract, copy, cut, paste or change text in our products.

Our editable products are also secured PDF files but they have been created with ‘form fillable fields’ which allows you to edit certain areas of the product. To enable the edit & save functions you MUST open the file with the latest version of Adobe Reader DC or your product will not work correctly. 99% of technical issues are due to:

  • using an old version of Adobe
  • using the wrong Adobe product
  • Computer default settings not opening with the new version of Adobe just downloaded.


To make sure you are opening the product with Adobe Reader DC we suggest using the  ‘OPEN With‘  function (right click on your mouse) to open the file:

  • Find the file you want to open
  • Click your mouse once (not double click) on the PDF file
  • Right click the highlighted file and you will get dialogue box (below) select ‘OPEN With’ this will shoot out another dialogue box, select ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (15………)

Editable Products are clearly described in the product description.

Editable products have special form fillable areas where you can add details, class lists, grades or lesson plans, depending on which product you purchased. Read the product description carefully to see what you can edit.

To enter you class details and information just type into the ‘blue highlighted’ fields in the document.

All you need to do is type your information into the ‘Highlighted fields’ in the document,  they are highlighted blue. These fields are the only place you can type into the document. If the field you want to type into is not highlighted you need to open the other file in the kit, there are 2 Kits in some products. We do include instructions in each product. you can also see a preview of each product in the product description to shoe you or see our ‘How To Videos’ if you need further assistance.

You cannot use the Adobe side bar editing tool to edit our products.  Do not use it in our documents or you will not be able to edit the file and you will get an error message and may even corrupt the file. If you get an error message close the file and start from scratch or if the file is corrupted re-download the file again using the original email links.

Level 3 Maths Victorian Curriculum
Lesson Planner – VICC Level 1
Lesson Planner Kit Y1
Year 3 Maths Organiser
Year 3 Maths Organiser

Apple & Android devices do not support secured PDF files at this time. You will only be able to read the documents on tablets, not edit them.

At the moment Apple & Android software only allows for unsecured PDF files to be edited on tablets.  Secured form fillable documents cannot be edited on tablets. You will only be able to read your secured PDF’s on this type of device until this feature is updated by Apple or Android software developers.

All products are copyright protected. This means that you will not be able to copy& paste, or change any of the information in the documents.

Check the product descriptions carefully for details about your products. All products regardless of being editable or NON-Editable, are clearly described as ‘Secured’, this is to protect copyright. It means that you cannot copy or paste the information into your own planning documents or into a blank document. You will not be able to change the information in the files in any way.

My product is editable what can I change?

The same copyright restrictions apply to editable products. Editable products have special form fillable areas where you can add details, class lists, grades or lesson plans, depending on which product you purchased. Read the product description carefully to see what you can edit.


Watch a ‘How To’ Video…

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How To Buy Products
How to Download products immediately 'on-screen'
How To Download, Open & Edit Products
How To Edit Products In The Lesson Planner Range
How To Edit Products In The Achievement Standard Kits
How To Edit Products In The Organiser Range

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