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Free Math Posters {Poster Board Ideas!}

Free Math Posters {Poster Board Ideas!}

Looking for poster board ideas? Then you’ll love our Free Math Posters! Perfect for supporting student learning and for beautiful classroom decor and display.

You can never have too many classroom visuals especially if they’re FREE! They’re perfect for displays, but I also use them as visual prompts during explicit teaching.

I usually pop them onto the whiteboard when I’m introducing the learning intention and success criteria, which I find helps to keep the kiddos focussed and on track with what they are learning throughout the lesson.

I also like to use classroom posters to promote a positive attitude towards learning, risk taking and making mistakes. The uses for classroom posters are endless, best of all, they can instantly add some colour & brighten up any classroom!


Growth Mindset Dweck quote

Free Math Posters

Here’s a BIG list of our FREE Math posters that you can download now! There’s quite a range including math poster ideas for promoting Math talks, making mistakes, failing and thinking like a mathematician to skip counting number sequences and rainbow facts. We hope you enjoy them!

Click each image throughout the post to get your FREE poster ideas for school!


Math Talk Posters

These free Math Talk prompts are our most downloaded FREEBIE on the website! Help your kids talk, reason and think mathematically with these sentence starter prompts. There’s 30 pages in this free printables pack including a Header, and 16 colour sentence starters in speech bubbles and Black and white versions too that print beautifully onto your choice of colour paper & cardstock. You could even give them to your students to decorate and display in your classroom.

Click the image to get your Math Talk  Poster ideas for school!


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Skip Counting Posters

A very useful set of free maths posters for teachers that show skip counting patterns, or multiples of 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

They’re a great visual to help students build fluency and recall of skip counting sequence number patterns.

This set of skip counting classroom posters contains 8 black and white A4 sized posters that are perfect for printing on colour paper or card stock, or cut them out as number outlines.

They are the perfect tool for students to work on building their fluency of multiplication facts, least common multiples or skip counting. Click the image to download your free printable math posters.

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Image of FREE skip counting posters


Fail Poster

This blackboard themed F.a.i.l. poster will help promote a positive mindset in your math classroom.

The F.A.I.L acronym was coined by A P J Abdul Kalam in 2015

 “If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means “first Attempt In Learning“; End is not the end, if fact E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies”


The A4 full colour design includes the F.A.I.L  acronym

  • First
  • Attempt
  • In
  • Learning

Click the image to get this free poster idea for school.

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Rainbow Facts Poster

Rainbow facts are pairs of numbers that total 10 when added together. Knowing rainbow facts is really useful for lots of everyday situations like shopping. Remembering these addition facts are useful when subtracting or adding amounts from 10. We created a set of activities to help students build addition fact fluency and made the Rainbow Posters FREE for everyone!

There’s two versions in the printable rainbow poster download, one on a white background and one with a blackboard themed background.

Click the image to get your free poster decoration ideas for school.


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Free Rainbow Facts Poster Product Image


Math Mistakes Poster

This clever M.A.T.H acronym poster is a great addition to any classroom. It’s perfect for encouraging perseverance, promoting making mistakes, risk taking and a Growth Mindset in the math classroom.

Kids certainly need all the encouragement they can get to feel ok about making mistakes, especially when it comes to learning math! Wish i had thought this one up!

Click the image to download your Mistakes Allow Thinking To Happen Poster.

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Mistakes Posters Growth Mindset Product image


Try Poster

I just love this clever play on words for this next FREE math poster idea… “Try and Fail, but never Fail To Try!”

Another great motivational phrase to encourage active learning in the math classroom.

Click the image to download this black board style try poster.


How To Say Big Numbers Math Posters

Saying really big numbers can be difficult for kids, especially numbers with 5 or more digits.

Students that find saying big numbers difficult don’t realise that numbers are said in groups or ‘families’ of three  (ones, thousands and millions) and that the comma or space in numbers represent a place value word. This set of bloackboard themed how to say big numbers will help.

Click the image to download your copy.

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Learn Not Perform Poster

This is one of my absolute favourite positive math mindset messages from Dr. Jo Boaler! Many students, parent & teachers believe that being good at mathematics means being fast at mathematics. It doesn’t and we need to get this message across, especially to our students.

As Jo Boaler says…”When we value fast computation (as many classrooms do) we encourage a subset of learners who compute quickly and discourage many others, including deep slow thinkers who are very important to mathematics. We no longer need students to compute fast (we have computers for this) we need them to think deeply, connect methods, reason, and justify….” Read more on the Youcubed website…

Click the image to get this “Math is about Learning NOT Performing” poster.

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Mistakes Are Respected Free Math Poster

In this Class… Mistakes are Expected, Respected, Inspected and Corrected!

Click the image to get your Free Poster


It’s Ok Not To Know Math Poster

With this free math poste your students will start to realise that it’s not a weakness to not know the answer to something. Not knowing doesn’t mean squat! It also means that you have to TRY to find the answer!

Click the image to download this FREE math poster board idea.

Good Mathematicians Poster

A great visual to encourage more Math Talk in your classroom. This poster gives 8 simple sentence starters to help your students feel more at ease about talking about math!  Click the image to download.

More Poster ideas for school

Numbers 0-20 in Real Life Classroom Posters Product Image
Learning Colours in Real Life classroom Posters Image
Skip Counting Classroom Posters image of product


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