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Amazing Number Recognition Free Game To Try Right Now!

Amazing Number Recognition Free Game To Try Right Now!

Make teaching number recognition 1-10 fun with this amazing number recognition free game. Perfect number recognition activities for preschool and kindergarten kids!


Number Recognition Free game


This Number Recognition Free Game is a fun activity for teaching number recognition. Kids will love learning number names, numerals, and quantity  from 0-10 with our ‘I Spy’ 0-10 number detective game! This free number recognition game is an engaging and motivating addition to any numeracy program, it’s ideal for your next preschool, kindergarten or ECE math rotation! Make sure you check out our other printable number games!

Scroll to the end of the post to download your FREE copy and add it to your teacher worksheets file for later!



Number recognition for kindergarten

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Number Recognition Free Game

I Spy Number Detectives

The fact fluency dice activities  we shared last time were super popular strategies for teaching number recognition. Our kids just love using ‘Do a Dot’  markers in these educational number recognition activities and the Dab & Dot Marker craze has gone… viral! Children just love using these cool markers so who are we to ignore the power of novelty markers!  We’ll do whatever it takes to make learning fun, engaging and memorable for our students, don’t you?

We made this game even more exciting by giving the children mini magnifying glasses, to help them really look closely at the features and characteristics of numbers!  Get your 3 free number recognition games and markers and let the FUN begin!  Get your 3 FREE Downloads at end of the post.


free number recognition games

Number Recognition Activities

Number Recognition Free Game 1

Game 1 helps you teach number recognition 1-10 by helping children to see that numbers can be the same but look different. Numbers can be in digits, quantities and words.

In the activity the kids pretend to be ‘detectives’ looking for all the different representations of the same number. When they see a matching representation they dab it with a dab and dot marker!

The children have to search for and match the same digit, number word, dot quantity and tally.   We used a range of fonts so that they can see numbers can look different but they are the same.

Printable Number Recognition Games



Our Number Recognition Activities

Number Think Board Download
I spy Number Detective Pack
Number Recognition Bundle

Number Recognition Free Game – Magnifying Glass

To make it more motivating and engaging we bought some mini-magnifying glasses for the kids to use, which they really enjoyed! We used the magnifying glass because wanted the kids to focus on the differences between letter and numbers.

Using the magnifying glass helped them look more closely at the letters, numbers and symbols. It also encouraged them to build mathematical language by encouraging discussion about curved lines, straight lines, how letters and numbers looked the same, nearly the same or different.


Number Recognition Free Game Recording Sheet

At the end of the game there is space for the child or teacher to record the numeral, number name and quantity that they have been focussing on. This provides a record of what they understand about the number recognition concept.

Scroll to the end of the post to get a FREE 2 page printable it includes one activity board for numbers 0-5 and one for numbers 0-10.


3 Free Printable Number Recognition Games

Number Recognition Free Game 2

Game 2 is another for your kit of fun strategies for teaching number recognition and this version incorporates standard dice subitising.

In this game the student rolls the dice and dabs the amount in the empty square. Then they look for all the representations of that number. E.g. a two is rolled so two dots are dabbed into the squares, and all the different versions of the number 2 are dabbed in the search area.  Swap colours and roll the next turn.

Continue until all the numbers have been covered, swapping dabber colours. You can also use a reusable pocket to save paper or blow it up to A3.

Subitise I spy


Click The Images To Try These Number Recognition Activities!

Numbers and letters sorting coloured Rice Bin
Counting on fingers pack
Robot Colouring FREEBIE

Number Recognition Free Game 3

Version 3 of the game has been modified for students to practice their early addition skills. This one works well blown up to A3 size paper. You will also need some dice.

  • The student rolls the dice and subitises the total rolled (in the picture that is 4).
  • Next to the square that has the number 4 in it they dab the number rolled, e.g. 3 dots and 1 dot
  • Next they write the number sentence to match 3 + 1.

This can be played in pairs with each player having a copy of the board. Players take turns to roll the dice and the first to complete their board wins!


Dab & Dot Addition Facts Free Printable

We also created a Roll Dot & Write Number Facts Pack for your kids. The pack includes:

  • 2 blank templates
  • Dab & Dot facts to 5
  • Dab & Dot facts to 6
  • Dab & Dot facts to 12
  • Dab & Dot facts to 18
  • Dab & Dot facts to 24
  • Dab & Dot facts to 30

Roll, Dot & Write Number Facts




I Spy Number Recognition Games
Roll, Dot & Write Number Facts To 30 Game
Number Recognition Bundle


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do a dot free shape printables booklet


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